Episode 23: Cervantes Theatre London

Sound engineer: Oscar Pérez

On episode 23, Literary Southtalked to the theatre director Paula Paz, co-founder of the Spanish Theatre Company.

After two years of endeavour Paula and her associate, the actor Jorge de Juan, will open in London the first theatre dedicated to Spanish and Latin American plays: the Cervantes Theatre.

Cervantes theatre will open its door to London-audiences on the 15th of November 2016 with the classic play by Federico Garcia Lorca Blood Wedding. Info here.

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  • Cervantes Theatre Company’s website




  •  Carmen Linares



Episode 22: Out of the Wings with co-director Catherine Boyle

Sound engineer: Oscar Pérez.

On this episode we talked to Catherine Boyle, co-director of Out of the Wings about why translations matter (yes, we borrowed the name from Edith Grossman’s book).

“One of the things translation does is, it renews our language. So, if I translate from Spain, from Chile, from Colombia, from Mexico then I’m bringing different perspectives on perhaps ideas that we have here. Problems that we have here. And as I bring those new perspectives I might be bringing new languages and new ways of thinking about the problems we have here or the joys we have here. The ideas we have here.

“Translation is about renewal. We thrive in a world where we share with other communities and other languages and other cultures. That is the way of the world.”

Catherine Boyle
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