Podcast: poet Sonia Quintero and author & translator Lara Alonso Corona

Silvia talks to writer Lara Alonso Corona, plus poet Sonia Quintero shares poems from her first anthology in English, Words Are Not Enough.

Form left to right Lara Alonso Corona and Sonia Quintero recording live on Resonance 104.4.

Podcast: Theatre director & actor Miguel Hernando Torres & Poet Luis Elvira

In this episode theatre director and actor Miguel Hernando Torres and sound engineer Luis Bonilla talk about the theatre play Stardust.

On the second half of the show the poet Luis Elvira talks about writing, illustrating and being part in writers collectives.

From Left to right Miguel Torres and sound engineer Luis Bonilla
From left to right poet Luis Elvira, Literary South host Silvia Rothlisberger and Stardust sound engineer Luis Bonilla