True enthusiasts love to share. And passionate recruiters we have in bunches. This brought us to the idea of creating a new space, where we could enjoy sharing stories and expertise with you! A podcast! The first episode is at the bottom of this article.

After some rough attempts, we are finally starting. New episodes will come out every two weeks - sometimes, with special extras in between. Our new series of interviews and stories from the intersection of HR and IT worlds will bring you guests that truly know their stuff. We will be talking to CEOs, hiring managers, consultants, legends of recruiting and sourcing and much more.Let’s start with me - my name is Dawid, and I will be hosting most of the episodes this season. I worked in research projects, was an editor and a successful competitive debater - and currently, I bring you the stories from the inside of Bee Talents. I will be joined by others - for example, just a couple of days ago our Zuzanna Woźniak-Przybyszewska returned from Gdynia, where she did an interview with recruiter and authorMaja Gojtowska. This episode will come out in the coming weeks!

Episode 1: How to talk to Candidates?

But since we wanted to let you get to know us better first - this is the chance! In the interview below, I talk to our COO and co-founder - Maciek. In the first episode, called "How to talk to Candidates", we discuss the basics of why candidate communication is so important and where both sides may be at fault. How should a company deliver the best information about a job in an attractive fashion? And why don't the two sides - hiring managers and candidates, have such different ideas about how the process should look like? Dive in!


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I hope you like our creation,Dawid