Companies spend weeks, months polishing their processes. But some simply get more attention than others. And among the most neglected is recruiting - where the process-based approach is non-existent in many organizations.

That is puzzling. I personally think that a large proportion of managers do not fully grasp the challenges related to recruiting. However, nearly all of them think that they are trying to “attract top talent” or that their organizations “are a great place to work in”. So... what is missing? How to design a recruitment process that scales well and gives great results?Well, attracting top talents is not something you can wish into existence. You cannot just declare your workplace to be competitive and attractive - there are rivers of sweat and long hours burned before those can be accomplished.

Designing a recruitment process from the perspective of Hiring Manager

Luckily, we got Maciek Mazurek - our COO and a recruiter with vast experience. There are probably not many people more qualified to talk about designing recruitment processes than him. He grew teams all around the world and helped companies big and small scale to their next challenges. He is so great at growing things, that his dog outgrew his own wife by a hefty margin.I sat down with Maciek for the second time, for a follow-up discussion. This time - on designing a good recruiting process. One that scales with your company and one that is efficient and quick at bringing top talent to your company. There are a number of challenges that are hidden in plain sight. Is the recruitment process like a sales process? Who in the organization should do exactly what - and when?

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